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The Price
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1  Discussion Categories - Board Index / The Price Only / Figure potential... on: September 04, 2011, 02:48:28 PM
So... Sideshow? Hot Toys? Games Workshop? [lol] other?...

I recently asked about a piece of concept art that was sent out alongside Neil's house concept: a blue and white, glowing,  grinning, toothy, glyphed-up, skeletal version of what I can only presume is the devil (unless it represents Neil before his coffee Wink ) and thought "What a cool bust that would make".
....and then thought, "what a cool custom bjd that would make" (coz I'm like that, and I like them : see profile pic)
....and then thought, "Mr Christopher, you have everything here for some awesome figure sets, and cat-people* will fall over themselves to own, what is basically, the ultimate cat!"

Discuss   Grin

*in this world, that can be taken either way!

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