Below you’ll find interviews and articles featuring The Price kickstarter project: – How Entrepreneurs Are Using Kickstarter to Fund Their Dreams

CNN – Website kickstarts fantasy film, iPod wristwatch

Vernon Morning Star, BC Canada – Vernon-bred filmmaker stars in ambitious project

Deseret News – Local filmmaker seeks help in paying ‘The Price’

Yahoo Movies Neil Gaiman Helping Animator Meet the Price

Neverwear 13 Questions for Christopher Salmon

Wired Magazine Wired Magazine interview by Chuck Lawton Christopher Salmon: Adapting THE PRICE by Neil Gaiman | Interview (english version)

Ed White Essay #Kickstarter is Liberating Your Viewing Experience: @XtopherSalmon, @NeilHimself, and the price of “The Price”

Der Tagesspiegel Was kostet die Katze? Kickstart The Price – 11/09/2010 Kickstarter Film Watch: Christopher Salmon to Adapt Neil Gaiman’s “The Price,” Awesome – 11/10-2010 Want to see Neil Gaiman’s “The Price” animated? -011/09/2010 Want to see Neil Gaiman’s The Price get a short film adaptation? – 11/9/2010

Publishers Weekly Neil Gaiman Short Film The Price on Kickstarter

io9 How you can help Neil Gaiman’s “The Price” get made into CG movie You can help adapt a Neil Gaiman short story – 11/8/2010 Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Price’ Coming to a Kickstarter Campaign Near You – 11/7/2010 Help Create Animated Adaptation of Neil Gaiman Short Story ‘The Price’ – 11/6/2010 Help Bring Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Price’ to Animated Life – 11/6/2010 Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Price’

Random House Support Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Price’ Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Price’ Animated Movie – 11/5/2010 The Price of ‘The Price’ – 11/5/2010 Want To See Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Price’ get a Film Adaptation? You Can Help Get it made – 11/4/2010 Fan Made Neil Gaiman Short Film ‘The Price’ Needs Your Help – 11/3/2010 Le Prix de Neil Gaiman en version animée – 11/3/2010 The Price by Neil Gaiman a Kickstarter Drive – 11/3/2010

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