The Film:

A brief explaination about The Price and how you can help!

My name is Christopher Salmon and I am hard at work creating a CG film version of the short story The Price by award winning author Neil Gaiman. More than anything else, I want to share my vision with as many people as possible; in order to fund this film, I’ve turned to those who would most want to see it — all of you!!! Through the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter , an astonishing 2001 of you threw your hat into the ring with me and made internet history! And even though the deadline has passed to contribute through Kickstarter, anyone who would still like to help change this from being just a dream (albeit a feverishly vibrant one) into living, breathing, fantastical reality can donate using the PayPal button right here on the site! Whether you are a long-time Neil Gaiman fan or have just arrived at the party, this is a unique opportunity to participate in creating the kind of entertainment we all really want to see! No big studios, no bureaucratic “design-by-committee” dilution of artistic potential and integrity … just focused, passionate filmmaking driven by the pure desire to tell a story that has truly inspired me as well as I possibly can.

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