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A Lonely Road

So, the bad news is that once again it has been several months since I posted an update here, and for that I am genuinely sorry. The good news is, I have a new image to share, along with a fairly extensive … Continue reading


The Study

In an effort to post more frequently, I’ll spare you the lengthy epistle this time around, and share an image instead:Many details here were inspired by my visit to Castle Gaiman, but as with the layout of the other interior … Continue reading


Gentle Reassurances

It’s been another long stretch between updates, and I have been meaning to share the following experience with you for some time: In April, I discovered  to my great delight that Mr. Neil Gaiman would be visiting Park City on … Continue reading


Something Shiny…

I know it’s been yet another long season of silence, but instead of me stumbling around an apology for not posting, let’s just get right to it: I am thrilled to share the following teaser trailer below, featuring the opening … Continue reading


Devil In The Details

One of the (many) difficult aspects of creating filmic images from a computer is being able to light things the way you would like. In the real world, you can use actual lights and place them relative to your subject … Continue reading


On the Longevity of Dreams

First off, to make up for not posting anything for a couple of weeks, here is another creepy image to keep you in the All Hallows mood: Speaking of,  you should definitely stop by All Hallows Read and watch Mr. … Continue reading



I try hard to focus on the positive  aspects of this project taking so long to complete, and one of those has been the advent of new technology which enables me to use improved techniques in creating the imagery and … Continue reading


The Thing That Comes To My House…

I know it’s a little early to start decorating for Halloween (although you wouldn’t know that from a casual perusal of your local grocery store), but I had a rendering test that I decided to turn into a desktop image … Continue reading


The Porch Of Dreams…

This week’s peek is of Shot TP-018, where The Black Cat, having decided to stay awhile, takes-up his vigilant post on the front porch: As quite a few of the scenes take place here, I had spent many hours trying … Continue reading


Seeing In The Dark…

Hey everyone! This week, I wanted to share with you some images of one of the “featured props” from The Price: the night vision binoculars which the narrator of the story uses to find out just what is menacing the … Continue reading