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Videoblog #03: 1 Year Later!!!

It’s hard to bend my brain around the reality of it all: IT’S BEEN A WHOLE, ENTIRE YEAR since the crowd-fundraiser for The Price successfully came to a close on December 1st, 2010. Wow. Time, as they are wont … Continue reading


Videoblog 01: Design

Hello everyone & welcome to my very first Videoblog! Although it has taken some time to put together, I think you’ll enjoy seeing some of the design work that’s been done so far on the film. I’ve also been working … Continue reading


The Magic Number

As I was trying not to look at the treadmill display in my local gym yesterday morning, I happened to glance down just as the time read 20:01, and I couldn’t help but smile; 2001 is definitely a magical number! … Continue reading


How to determine the price of “The Price”

I have received several questions from potential backers asking how their donations for The Price will be utilized and how we chose the specific amount, so I thought it might be helpful to explain how that number was reached. The … Continue reading


Here We Go!!!

Well, tonight is definitely a big night … after 4 years of epic dreaming and a lot of hard work, my little film is about to get the boost it has so badly been in need of: (You should follow the link & check … Continue reading

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