A Brave New Year

Happy New Year everyone — I hope you are as thrilled and excited for 2011 as I am!!!

Things are once again moving at a rapid pace now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays have passed. Silver Fish Productions, LLC is now officially organized, and the web redesign of www.theprice-movie.com is nearing completion!

Speaking of the holidays, I thought I’d share this great image courtesy of my super-hero obsessed 6 year-old son and one of his talented older sisters. Behold The Joker & Harley Quinn (as ‘snow-people’):

Pretty macabre, right? :) Makes me smile … I don’t know where on earth they get that inclination from …

Note: on the creative side, they used food coloring for the vivid colors and some muddy stones for the eyes … which after a quick whiff of their hands, they discovered to most definitely not be stones in actual fact, but something of a much more repugnant nature! UGH — although I have to admit their reaction to that disgusting revelation was fall-down funny!!! 😀

Pretty cool to have the freakiest snow-things in the neighborhood, but my kids come by it honestly; here is my jack-o-lantern from this Halloween:

Anyhow, back to The Price … I found this picture and thought it might be of some interest:

I really wanted to impress Mr. Gaiman once the animatic was finished, and decided to create special wooden presentation boxes to send the DVDs in. I was influenced by stories of how Norman Rockwell would send finished paintings to clients mounted in the heaviest, most impressive frames he could get, insisting it made a much more powerful impression and significantly reduced requests for changes or alterations. I wanted to generate the most impact possible, so I found some cool, blank wooden boxes, bought some funky hinges and hardware (had to paint them black, of course), made some vinyl stickers of the logos and created the weathered paint scheme by hand (with the help of my wonderfully supportive wife, Glynis). I lined them with black foam which held the DVD case snugly inside for its journey to Mr. Neil (and his agent), and sent them off! You may notice a slightly different cover image on the DVD cases themselves; this earlier version was replaced by the more iconic silhouette of The Black Cat that I am currently using.

That’s all for now; next time, I’ll be featuring my first video-blog installment and taking a look at some of the design work being created for the film, so make sure to check-back! I leave you with a portrait of my own resident expert on the feline persuasion as she enjoys the holidays: our cat Trinity.

– Christopher

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Director of The Price, and Owner/Creative Director of Silver Fish Creative, LLC.
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8 Responses to A Brave New Year

  1. Beautiful boxes! You are indeed a multi-talented fellow.

    Been a particularly rough start to the year for me, but looking very forward to seeing things progress here. Keep it up!

  2. heidi2524 says:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures, especially the DVD box for Mr. Neil. I love seeing creative “extras” like that and you did a brilliant job with it. :)

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks so much for the update, Christopher. Love the Snowmen….lol. Looking forward to following your progress on your blog. Makes me feel so connected to “The Price”. Can’t wait to get poster later in the month. Will be shopping for a super frame to put it in.

  4. Kelly says:

    We got our poster in the mail this week, it’s AMAZING… so looking forward to watching the progress on your project :)

  5. Cat Mihos says:

    pretty kitty. here kitttttty kitty.
    i love that jack o’lantern and the snow man/lady are four star!
    looking forward to your next blog, and it’s official, all posters (that we had addresses for) are in the wind…my post office loved to see the back of me..haha
    here kittttttttty kittttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy—

  6. Alberto M. says:

    Hey Christopher! The wooden boxes are amazing!

    I hope the project is going well. I cannot wait to see the next production blog :)

    pd: I got the poster a few weeks ago and it looks very good on my wall
    pd2: I love your cat 😉

  7. Tommy Coleman says:

    Have the Posters been sent out yet? Haven’t gotten mine yet, just wanted to check…

  8. I’d missed the boxes (nifty!) and kitty (cute!).

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