Videoblog #04: Digital Sculpting & Design

I realize that you may very well be asking yourself, ” What’s going on here … another post already? And a Videoblog even — has there been a rift in the Time-Space Continuum???”

Well, no, so you can relax.

If there is anything extra-special about today, it’s that Ryan Peterson, the character/creature Β sculptor & designer for The Price is celebrating his birthday! And since he features so prominently in our next Videoblog, what better day could there be to post it than today? :)

This one is just loaded with goodies (in fact, I had to take large chunks out while continually stopping myself from adding more), so let’s take a look:

I got the very best man for the job, didn’t I? And if you’d like to learn more about Ryan and his work, you can check out his blog/portfollio, read this great interview, or you can write him at … Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! :)

And one last thing: the doodle I made for National Doodle Day’s charity eBay action only has 2 days left (recognize it?)!!!

Check it out, along with other celebrity doodles (a term I apply rather loosely to my own piece) by my Co-Producer Cat Mihos and by Mr. Neil Gaiman himself!!!

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Director of The Price, and Owner/Creative Director of Silver Fish Creative, LLC.
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34 Responses to Videoblog #04: Digital Sculpting & Design

  1. Carol says:

    It’s a good thing I watched this in the middle of the afternoon, not right before bed! *shiver*

  2. Quemaqua says:

    Awesome update! So much eye candy.

    I have nothing terribly useful to say, but it’s all looking great. Much encouragement to you guys. I think the version of Neil you ended up with is absolutely perfect, too.

    • Xtopher says:

      Thank-you muchly, my friend — regardless of your self-deprecation, it is always great to hear from you, buddy!!!

  3. Boyd Lake says:

    Awesome video! Kudos to Ryan. Happy Birthday indeed.

  4. Jeff Salmon says:

    Excellent video block Xtopher! Very entertaining! Thanks for sharing all this!

  5. Wonderful! I loved the walk-through of your design thinking and collaborators. The latest versions of devil-dog and Neil are very compelling – the former is _viscerally_ scary and the latter definitely looks like someone a thoughtful chat could be had with. More!

    • Xtopher says:

      Thanks Trevor — great reactions! :) And yes, “more” is most definitely the mandate of the moment!

  6. Sioux says:

    *Throws hands in the air like the tricycle kid in The Incredibles* That… Was… Awesome!
    *gently sobs into keyboard* I really thought my own toy collection was okay… up ’til now.
    I bet it’s really easy to stay in the office all day!

    But man. Really – I’m lost for words. Suffice to say I’m ‘feeling’ the biggest, bestest, superhero-est, monster-sized compliment to both you and Ryan for all that raw talent!
    You bastards ><
    Keep going. I'm on the edge of my seat already!

    • Xtopher says:

      Hah!!! I burst out laughing when I read your comment, Sioux! :) Yes, my little collection is threatening to swallow me whole — I’m just lucky to have an incredible wife who “gets” why they are important to me (and has delightfully provided some of the “harder-to-find” items). Glad to hear you are on the edge of your seat — that’s right where I want you! :) More soon …

  7. Jonas72 says:

    It’s incredibly fascinating to gain this glimpse into the creative process. And also frustrating as hell, because I want to see this movie now!

    But I couldn’t help but notice, during the glimpse of your many, many cool figurines, statues and whatnot, that there didn’t appear to be a single character from any of Gaiman’s stories. πŸ˜‰ I don’t have much of a collection myself, these sorts of things are incredibly expensive to import here, but I do have a limited edition Sandman figure, and needless to say, it’s the pride of my small collection. Did I have a point with this? If so, I can’t remember, sorry, rambling…

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work!! :)

    • Xtopher says:

      I feel your frustration, Jonas, believe me …
      … and yes, I’ll readily admit to several — shall we say, deficiencies — in my collection! πŸ˜‰ Thanks my friend!!!

  8. Ed White says:

    Have not watched the video yet (kind of busy lately), but I wanted to jump on and say:

    *slow clap* :)

    More comments once I can get back to this post!

  9. BeeJay says:

    wow,just wow. thanks soooo much for the update Chris! the artwork looks incredible and I was blown away when you showed the final Neil (watched this vid in HD on my Plasma, gorgeous!!!) I cant wait to see more behind the scenes.

    • Xtopher says:

      Thanks BeeJay — and I’m glad it looked good on your sweet Plasma! I’m making everything at 1080P for eventual inclusion (in greatly expanded form) on the Blu-Ray, even though I know most people right now are only seeing things at web-res.

  10. Court says:

    MONSTER DOG! = a very happy me. I love monsters and creatures; you guys have done an awesome job.

  11. ranti says:

    Total radness. I rally appreciate your explanation about the “sausage making” process of this project. Looking forward to see more. Also, Ryan has a cat? That nails it. πŸ˜‰

  12. Sherezada says:

    Very cool video! I’ve been waiting to see a good close-up of the toys in your office! πŸ˜‰ Nice way to set off the update about monster sculpture.

    Can’t wait to see more. Keep up the good work, guys!

  13. dwayne franklin says:

    I am blown away at what I’ve just seen – total mind melt in a good way. I could look at those sculptures that Ryan Peterson did for hours. I mean the details! And I never thought of it that way, that the fine art principles can be used in the sculpture. I love when he said “moments of drama” and “your eyes are drawn to it.” This is very true because I can’t stop looking at them, so much detail and design. I really learned alot from this video, thanks so much for what you and your team are doing.

    • Xtopher says:

      Thanks Dwayne! Ryan is very eloquent at explaining things that can be difficult to put into words; so glad you enjoyed the video!

  14. Joanna says:

    Hi Christopher! Wonderful video and update – I love learning about the process! Can’t wait to see more.

    Just wondering, are you still planning on making your documentary on Neil, the Castle Gaiman film? I desperately hope so!!

    • Xtopher says:

      Thanks Joanna — and most definitely yes, Castle Gaiman is going to happen! In the brief time I stayed at Neil’s magnificent home and got to chat with the wonderful people he surrounds himself with, I realized that a whole other part of the story was waiting to be told! More on that project coming soon …

  15. Andrea Z. says:

    Love it! Thanks for the updates. I remain as excited as ever.

  16. Heather says:

    Amazing update! Ryan’s work is just fascinating, and the model’s for Neil and the demon dog look great!!!

    • Xtopher says:

      Glad you like them, Heather! I just want everyone to see what’s been going on & feel some of the energy from my little team!

  17. Nicoletta says:

    Wow, the monster dog just looks awesome, scary awsome. That’s really great work. Thanks for the interesting insight into Ryan’s Work :).

    And your monsters collection is definitely great too, I have to admit I got a little bit jealous.

    • Xtopher says:

      You are very welcome, Nicoletta … it is so exciting to be in the middle of all of this incredible talent!!! And don’t waste time with jealousy; after all, eBay is only a click away, right? πŸ˜‰

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