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Seeing Shadows

It has been a very long while since I’ve posted here, and in the last several months we’ve all been through some extremely strange and unsettling times. I’ve put together another brief behind-the-scenes video I hope you’ll find interesting, but … Continue reading


The Trouble with Trolls…

Photo by: Avery Salmon From time to time I take on freelance projects to help keep the lights on, and several have proven to be both extremely challenging as well as genuinely exciting. Given the recent Halloween festivities, I was prompted to … Continue reading


Opportunities & Automobiles

With the crisp autumn air and distinctive smell that heralds the change in seasons, my thoughts have turned to my visit with Neil at his splendid Castle Gaiman. Sifting through memories both spellbinding and surrealistic, there is a moment  I still feel … Continue reading



For some time, I have wanted to get (a lot) better at sharing some of the ups and downs of production in a more spontaneous way. After exulting in a triumphal moment with my wife Glynis and detailing the various … Continue reading


Grade School Graveyard

I wanted to add a quick update concerning the image I posted last time of the basement stairwell. Most of the comments I received were very complimentary (for which I gratefully thank you), but a few also included an interesting … Continue reading


A Backer’s Tale

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were invigorating and that you were able to surround yourselves with family & loved ones. If you are like me, the new year brings powerful waves of conflicting emotion; I have to … Continue reading


Our Magic Wand: Pixologic’s ZBrush

I thought some of you might want a peak at one of the rendering tests I’ve been working on — pretty scary stuff, boys & girls!!! Click on the image below & zoom-in to see it in all its full-size … Continue reading


Tommy Tallarico: Celebrating the Culture of Video Game Music

The powerful effect that carefully crafted music can have over a medium which we primarily think of as visually-based (like a film or video game) is something I have developed a deep and abiding respect for. That said, you might … Continue reading

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National Doodle Day

As part of NF (Neurofibromatosis) Awareness month, celebrity doodles are available for auction on eBay during May. I was asked to contribute a piece, and decided since I’m not much of a celebrity, I’d better contribute something a little more … Continue reading


Stories And The People Who Tell Them.

Authors have always held an extremely special place in my life — they tell stories after all, and I love good stories more than almost anything. (That’s why I have always wanted to make movies; it’s the way I want … Continue reading